Trademark Homes


Trademark Homes was established by, Owner and President, Anthony Camposeo. Anthony’s journey began in 1994  when he began plumbing as an apprentice and then successfully acquired his plumbing license in 2000.  Even before this time, Anthony watched keenly as his father, an accomplished builder in his own right, developed and built many properties in the Durham Region and carried on his own successful plumbing company for many, many years.

Following the family tradition, Anthony worked in the construction industry  as a plumber, at that time, taking in and learning as much as he could about the art of residential home design and exacting construction techniques. In 2002, Anthony incorporated his own plumbing company, namely, Mainstream Plumbing Inc and operated for 8 years until he took the logical progression to builder extraordinaire.

Anthony saw opportunity in the market in providing customers with a truly exceptional custom home building experience.  That positive experience is not only felt by his lucky customers, Anthony himself truly relishes in providing his customers with an experience where you not only get what you ask for, you get so much more, most notably, a refreshing level of honesty and integrity which is sadly lacking in much of the industry.

Due to the value and reputation of the Trademark Homes brand which Anthony built, the company has experienced exceptional growth and diversity, delving in to the commercial building market as well as service and beyond.  All while maintaining the core values of integrity, honesty and outstanding craftsmanship at an exceptional value!

Trademark Homes would love to help you turn your vision in to reality, give us a call today to see how we can do that for you!

- Anthony Camposeo's Bio was written by a Trademark Homes customer